A Global online Grace Community

Does the Wine Barrel Family Church require 10% of your income in order for Membership?    NO.

Would we like 10% of your income?  YES.

Tithing has been a religious bondage around the necks of many generations. Thankfully Jesus came and set us free and paid IN FULL all our debts and took away all our sins too, past, present & future are covered in His redeeming blood.

Whilst it costs a great deal of money to run a ministry, especially itinerant (travelling all over the world), we are so grateful for those who do sow into us and support us in our work.  100% of the income we receive is used on Ministry expenses.

People get antsy when you mention MONEY as if it’s evil… not so sure King Solomon would agree, and how about those streets paved with gold in Heaven? Talk about extravagant.

Many flippantly use the phrase “if this was a real Ministry then God would supply all your needs”.  He does and He chooses to use willing vessels to do that.  I often challenge those people to quit their job and for 1 year just fully trust God for everything.  They usually last less than a month.

We love to bless those who do support our work and we have a special partner archive and broadcasts throughout the year for our partners, to show our appreciation and to minister to them on a deeper level.

If you would like to support us please visit www.mattford.org/donate  You can sow a one time gift or become a regular supporter… every dollar helps us preach the Good News of His Saving GRACE.

All our Love

Matthew & Amanda.

Wine Barrel Pastors.