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The Wine Barrel Family Church is an outreach of Matthew Ford Ministries Incorporated.

To inquire about The Wine Barrel Family Church please fill out the form below or alternatively call our Brisbane Office.

Matthew Ford Ministries Incorporated.  QR

P.O. Box 248
Clontarf Beach
Queensland 4019

Looking for a Church or Pastoral Care?
M.F.M is an Itinerant (travelling) Ministry, as such, we have no “home church”. We do preach weekly via live broadcasts to a global fellowship (The Wine Barrel Global Grace Community). As such, we are unable to provide “pastoral care, counselling and one on one deliverance etc”. This would be best done at a local church fellowship. They can provide follow up and are best suited for this role. However, feel free to attend any of our public miracle meetings. Our schedule is available here.


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